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A Brief History of the Zambia Association of Sisterhoods(ZAS)

The Zambia Association of Sisterhoods(ZAS) was founded in 1958. At that time the aim was to attain a deeper understanding of the problems of African girls and women, and to share views, hopes, plans and expertise for the betterment of Sisters’ apostolates. 

At the beginning ZAS had no office from where to operate. The sisters used to work from convent to convent until a room was reserved for this purpose at Kalundu Study Centre where we have been operating since 1975.

The new ZAS office in Kalundu,Lusaka

The Association has grown from its time of insertion and so the objectives have evolved. In 2009 a new office was constructed that has made the work of ZAS far much easy. 

The membership has also grown from a few congregation to forty seven (47) different Congregations with a total number of 1473 Women Religious, of whom 1022 are indigenous Zambians while 450 are Missionary Sisters.

ZAS Vision
The Zambia Association of Sisterhoods is a collaborative Body of faith-filled, Prophetic Women Religious, at the service of the transforming mission of the Church.

ZAS Mission

ZAS is the association of all women religious congregations present in Zambia. By means of this body, the different religious institutes express their communion which unites them. They collaborate together, helping one another to discern and fulfill God's Plan, in communion with the church and at the service of their sisters and brothers.


The Aims of the Association

1. To promote the spiritual welfare and development of women religious in Zambia by enabling individual institutes to fulfill their purpose adequately.
2. To foster communication and cooperation between member institutes with the due regard to their autonomy and their own spirit.
3. To work on matters of common concern to all Religious Institutes and Societies of Apostolic Life.
4. To assist the sisters in giving effective services to the church and society, always in collaboration with the Zambia Episcopal Conference, as well as with each individual Bishop.


ZAS is organized as to function through the following structures

1) Diocesan branches which are eleven at the moment, Chipata, Kabwe, Kasama, Livingstone, Lusaka, Mansa, Mongu, Monze, Mpika, Ndola and Solwezi.
2) The National Executive Committee and Secretariat.
3) The General Assembly




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